Study The Application Effect of NGR 40 Ohm In Uprating Transformator 2 GI Gianyar Against Short Sircuit 1 Phase Ground



By : I Kadek Arya Surya Darma

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

ABSTRAC Along with the development of ever-increasing burden on the GI Gianyar then the transformer unit 2 with a capacity of 30 MVA will be done uprating (replacement) with a capacity of 60 MVA transformer. To maintain the continuity and reliability of the flow of electrical power to the consumer (load), NGR (Neutral Grounding Resistance) and relay SBEF (Stand by Earth Fault) is used as the safety equipment of the short circuit phase ground to fault current 1 phase to the ground was not until the flow to the neutral point of the transformer. Uprating of transformers that have been done changes on 1 phase fault current to ground when using a direct earthing systems (solid grounding) with a value of 1362.57 A to become 1838.21 A. While the value of the short-circuit current 1 phase to ground after pairing NGR 40 Ohm value is fixed at 288.675 A, so that the current setting and time relay SBEF fixed at 90 A and 7.067 seconds. The results of the analysis of the effect of the installation of NGR and rele SBEF on the transformer 30 MVA and 60 MVA against short circuit 1 phase to ground has the ability good protection for the value of the fault current is able to be reduced into 288.675 A after pairing NGR 40 Ohm and time is needed SBEF to handle distractions 7.067 seconds.

Keyword : NGR 40 Ohm, Relay SBEF, Uprating.

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