Power Potential Of Solar Cell Roof Mounted Fit Pattern-Based Architecture Home Bali



By : I Nym Apriana Arta Putra

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

Bali is very strong community of culture. Pattern roofs architecture Bali, there is little difference with the modern home in general. One way to keep the preservation of the house with a roof pattern of Balinese architecture in need of a modernization, the modernization is done by energizing, one of which is solar energy, which method is done by manual calculations to find potential power. One of the buildings is traditional Balinese bale cider, cider bale which became a case study has area 32.64 m2 with 6,40m long and 5,10m wide, patterned roof pyramid, in which each side has the same length and width, with the angle of 35 derajat home. The analysis results of potential power in the solar cell can be mounted on the roof of the house architecture Bali showed that the solar panels are in the chain in parallel produces more maximum power than the one in the chain in series. Average power that can be solar cell in a parallel chain of 33.09 Watt, with the average current in the can 1.64 Ampere and voltage of 20.09 volts. Solar cell in the chain to get the series sebsesar 31.7 Watt, with a current average of 0.40 Ampere, and the voltage of 79.43 volts get results.

Keyword : Architecture Bali, Solar Panel, Bale Sari.

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