Analysis Study Of Relay Ogs Setting As Safety System For Transformer 3 To Maintain The Power Flow Of In Pesanggaran Power Station



By : I Wayan Alit Wigunawan

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

Transformer 3 on Pesanggaran Substation gets additional 4 blocks generator with a maximum power of 60 MW of power from the four blocks of the plant is used to supply the load feeders in Pesanggaran Substation. Besides the power plant is also supplied to the transmission system in the Pesanggaran Substation through the transformer 3 and then enters the Nusa Dua Substation, doubling the power to the transformer 3 with a maximum capacity of 60 MVA is risky because it can cause the transformer 3 work exceeds the capacity of the normal work of 85%, then to Transformer 3 installed system secures Relay OGS (Over Generator Shedding) at 20 kV distribution system, which serves to limit the power of the generator supplied to transformer 3. This study discusses the calculations to obtain current setting and working time Relay OGS and OCR (Over Current Relay) as a protection system of Transformer 3. Having obtained the results of the current setting and working time of the both relay, then do the analysis of between the calculation results with the setting relay which mounted on a transformer 3 in Pesanggaran Substation. The results of the calculation of the current setting of OGS obtained a value of 1600 A and setting the working time of 2 seconds for relays used are definite characteristics. As for the OCR obtained the current setting of 2078,4 OCR A and setting the working time of 1,27 seconds. For coordination calculation results obtained OGS working time is 2 seconds to overcome the problems overload on transformers 3, while the OCR working time of 1,27 seconds to overcome short circuit.

Keyword : Relay OGS (Over Generator Shedding), OCR (Over Current Relay), Transformer

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