Decision Support System For Tarung Derajat Athlete Selection Using Promethee Method



By : I Putu Arya Putrawan

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

Tarung Derajat Martial Sport is a martial art that was created by Achmad Drajat to protect themselves from inhuman and immoral deeds as well as to seize, enforce and enchance the dignity and honor of self and family. In each region always has qualified athlete in each class .Someone who want to be regional athlete must participate in selection which was held in the region. So far there has been no system that facilitates the selection of Tarung Derajat Athlete, the selection process is still done manually, so itís more time consuming , error prone and prone to nepotism. To prevent that, it needs a decision support system that capable providing support to Tarung Derajat athlete selection process. Tarung Derajat athlete selection process is done by considering athlete physical, intellectual and health condition using the PROMETHEE Method. Preference Ranking Organization Method For Enrichment Evaluation (PROMETHEE) is a method of determining order or priority in multicriteria analisys. With a criteria that clearly defined, objective and with proper consideration, this method can be used as a tool to support the Tarung Derajat athlete selection decision making process. Decision support system of Tarung Derajat athlete selection is built using web-based programming with PHP programming language and MySQL as the databases. According to usability test result with succession rate up to 90.66% can be concluded that Decision support system of Tarung Derajat athlete selection can reduce the subjectivity of the testers judgment and assisting the athlete selection process.

Keyword : athlete selection, tarung derajat, martial art, promethee, decision support system

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