WLAN 802.11g Indoor Propagation Analysis at Dishubkominfo Building of Badung Regency



By : Anak Agung Ngurah Agung Indra Prasetya

Email : gung.indra.pras@gmail.com

Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

WLAN 802.11g technology is one of the wireless technology that uses OFDM modulation with data rate up to 54 Mbps, although now there are new standards that have higher data rate, but the WLAN 802.11 standard is still used by the users and some of the These users often take advantage of this technology indoors (indoor) one example is the Dishubkominfo building of Badung regency which is very possible to do the exchange of information. For that we need an analysis of indoor propagation WLAN IEEE 802.11g in Dishubkominfo building Badung regency. The analytical method used is comprised of calculation and measurement of signal level, and throughput which will be compared with the measurement result measured by the measurement software according to the condition of the indoor propagation model used ie without barrier, wall barrier, and floor barrier. As for the coverage area is measured by correction factor between the calculation results and the signal level measurement results. Based on the results of the analysis that has been done, shows that the calculation and measurement results have little difference that causes the difference at some point measurement. The largest signal level reaches -40 dBm while the lowest signal level reaches -92 dBm. Overall in almost every condition the result of signal level measurement obtained following linear flow. Then for throughput measurement results, obtained throughput maximum up to reach 8.05 Mbps, from the maximum bandwidth that has been available that is 10 Mbps. As for the coverage area based on testing using software to adjust the floor plan on the building, almost in accordance with the calculation of signal level.

Keyword : WLAN (wireless local area network), 802.11g, indoor propagation, signal level, throughput, coverage area, without barrier, wall barrier, and floor barrier

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