Studi Pengaruh Rekonfigurasi Loop Scheme Terhadap Keandalan Penyulang Blahkiuh dan Penyulang Panglan



By : Bagus Widyananda Yoga


Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

Blahkiuh feeders and feeders Panglan including the longest network in Mengwi Network Unit, which serve the rural areas around the northern part of the Badung regency. Second feeders before the reconfiguration operated radially, if there is interference on one of them (either source or feeder) then all load served by this network will be extinguished therefore the radial type is very low reliability. To improve reliability, the do loop system reconfiguration scheme to Blahkiuh feeders and feeders Panglan, by analyzing the calculation SAIFI (Sistem Average Interuption Frequensi Index) and SAIDI (Sistem Average Interuption Duration Index), can the economy in terms of pressing / kWh minimize the number of unsold losses. Analysis of calculation results Blahkiuh feeders and feeder reconfiguration Panglan before result Blahkiuh feeder SAIFI 16.534 times/customers/year and the results SAIDI 35.894 hours/customer/year so the numbers of unsold kWh losses from the calculation not save 227,640.841 kWh energy equivalent to Rp 318,718,182.6, while for the results obtained Panglan feeder SAIFI 23.59 times/customer/year, the results of SAIDI 87.39 hours/customer/year and the calculation results energy not save 238,037.099 kWh equivalent to Rp 364,672,835.7. After reconfiguration can minimize the number of SAIFI / SAIDI and losses, the results obtained Blahkiuh feeder SAIFI 2,089 times/customers/year and the results SAIDI of 4.27 hours/customer/year, results energy not save 13369.314 kWh equivalent to Rp 20,481,733.86. For Panglan feeder SAIFI results obtained 1,218 times/customers/year and the results SAIDI 1,242 hours/customer/year, results energy not save 3880.571 kWh equivalent to Rp 5,945,033.22.

Keyword : system radial, Loop scheme, SAIFI / SAIDI, Energy not save

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