By : Si Putu Ngurah Rai H

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Mesin

The rapid development of processor speed and the downsizing of the dimension provides a very significant impact to the heat flux produced by the processor therefore cooling using heat pipes are needed. A heat pipe CPU cooler, more efficient heat dissipation which has a high capacity. Heat pipe is a pipe of a given size, contains a special liquid that serves as a conductor of heat from the evaporator to the condenser. Heat pipes are generally made of aluminum, copper or nickel-plated copper. The vacuum pressure in the pipes of heat affects the performance of the heat pipe is therefore necessary process of closing the ends of the pipe heat well so it does not leak and can maintain the vacuum pressure inside the heat pipe. Based on these conditions, the observation of the effect of the width of the notification on the process of closing the pipe tip of the diameter of inch and inch with a given vacuum pressure and will be observed every day for 30 days, as well as testing the thermal resistance in the heat pipe given loading 46,22Watt. The test being carried out is thermal pipe thermal barrier testing and leakage test of heat pipe to vacuum pressure inside the heat pipe. The test results of leakage of vacuum pressure on haeat pipe showed that the ideal width for the closing of inch diameter diameter pipe is 2 cm and for haeba pipe inch diameter is 1cm. The width of the notch is capable of maintaining the vacuum pressure on the heat pipe after the closure process is carried out until the 30th day. The heat pipe closure process by the notch method affects the thermal resistance of the heat pipe due to the difference in vacuum pressure on the heat pipe affecting the thermal resistance of the heat pipe.

Keyword : Keywords: heat pipes, pressure vacuum, thermal barriers.

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