By : Putu Kusuma Wicitra

Email : kuzhuma_w@Yahoo.com

Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Sipil

Increasing water needs in the area of Badung Regency especially Subdistrict of Kuta and Denpasar city especially Sub Denpasar West caused by rapid population increase. So the water treatment installations are built utilizing surface water sources originating from the Tukad Penet located in Cemagi village, Mengwi, Badung Regency (SPAM IPA Penet) with a production capacity of 300 L/dt. The purpose of this research is to analyse the main distribution network of hydraulic system of provision of drinking water and water treatment installation Tukad Penet distributed as supply from existing resources amounting to 150 L/dt for Badung and 150 L/dt to Denpasar. The necessary data include data on population data is scondary Sub district of Kuta and Denpasar Barat, map topography region of Badung and Denpasar city. From the data collected do calculations of projected population from 2014 until the year 2033. After getting the results of the projection used to get drinking water needs of the inhabitants of the layana namely Kuta and Denpasar West with make major distribution pipeline scheme to analyze hydraulic networks of scheme. To help optimize the hydraulic calculation of main distribution piping scheme used software WaterNet. The results of the analysis of the main distribution network SPAM IPA Penet can be found drinking water needs in the area of services of Kecamatan Kuta (village of Kerobokan Kelod, Seminyak, Kuta and Legian) can be fulfilled by supply of IPA Penet until 2033 plan while in the area West of Denpasar Sub district Service service (Padangsambian, Padangsambian, Kaja and Kelod Padangsambian) has yet to be fulfilled by the supply of IPA Penet until 2033 plan therefore needs to be adding a few more resources to meet the water needs in the region West of Denpasar. The main distribution pipeline network SPAM IPA Penet can flow constantly from the reservoir toward the gravitational system service area with a diameter of 0.6 m along the pipe 7900 m and 0.5 m along the 2700 m where there are the remains of the largest pressure i.e. 46.765 meters column of water and the lowest of 3.881 meters column of water.

Keyword : IPA Penet, Service Area, the need for water, the main Distribution Networks, hydraulic networks and software WaterNet

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