tanggung jawab penyedia jasa aplikasi gojek terhadap konsumen pengguna jasa gojek yang menderita kerugian




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Gojek is a service application provider in the field of transport-based applications. The society acts as a consumer who uses the services of the gojek application. Gojek use of the service not only provides advantages for service users, but there is also the risk of losses in those services. Based on explanation above, with regard to the issue discussed is how legal protection for consumers of the service user gojek applications and how the responsibility of the service provider application gojek against service users who suffer losses. This research was conducted to get answers and understanding of legal protection for consumers of the service user gojek applications and application services provider liability gojek against service users who suffer losses. This type of research is the normative legal research with primary legal materials in the form of legislation, as well as supported by secondary and tertiary legal materials related problems are discussed and collected with the study of librarianship. Approach to legislation and conceptual analysis approach. Based on the results of research, legal protection for the user application services gojek done in a preventive and repressive. preventative legal protection is to encourage users to use the service with a good helmet in accordance with existing rules and code of conduct during the drive as well as the user's application services namely repressive gojek in question may submit a complaint to a provider application, and an application service provider is obligated to resolve any complaint that is filed by the user application services gojek as a form of protection provided by users of the service applications if the loss in terms of use of the services of the application. Form gojek-application provider responsibilities against the users application gojek services, namely insuring the user application services gojek to the insurance company Allianz, in the form of reimbursement of up to Rp. 10 million (ten million dollars) and for the cost of the hospital up to Rp. 5 million,-(five million dollars) by attaching conditions to the insurance claim is required.

Keyword : Responsibility, Gojek Service Providers, Service Users, Losses

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