Self-acceptance of Difabel (Different Abilities People): Study about Acquired Blindness Adolescence



By : Son Three Nauli Gultom

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran

Department : PS. PSIKOLOGI

Self-acceptance of Difabel (Different Abilities People): Study about Acquired Blindness Adolescence Son Three Nauli Gultom And I Gusti Ayu Putu Wulan Budisetyani Psychology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University Abstract Difabel (Different abilities people) used to refine the term of people with disabilities, and one of these disabilities is blindness. Blindness is a term that used to explain the condition of individual with a sense of vision that is not functioning as a receiver information in daily life like a normal people (Somantri, 2006). This condition contributes to some development aspect of human being, which are social aspect and emotional aspect. Some of them finally able to reconcile, accept the condition and attempted to develop themselves. Self-acceptance is the attitude of people that able to feel satisfied with themselves, quality, talent and recognition of the limitations of self (Chaplin, 2011). Havighurst (in Hurlock, 2006) also states that accept physical condition and use the body effectively is one of task in adolescence development. According to the fact, this study would like to know self-acceptance of difabel in acquired blindness adolescence. This study using qualitative method and case study design. Collecting data in this study using interview and observation toward two acquired blindness adolescence. To strengthened data, this study used interview and observation toward significant other of acquired blindness adolescence. The result of this study shows that acquired blindness adolescence passing three phases in the process of self-acceptance, which are proximal phase, conflict phase, and accepting phase. The dynamics in every complete phase will be discussed based to the chronology of the adolescence life journey until they can accept their condition.

Keyword : Kata kunci: Self accaptance, difabel, blindness, Acquired

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