A Picture of Attachment in Late Adolescence Female at Tunas Bangsa Orphanage Denpasar



By : Heydi Paramitha

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran

Department : PS. PSIKOLOGI

Attachment is a strong emotional relationship, specific, over a long period of time, and bound between individual with attached figure. Naturally, adolescents were raised by families who have parents as a major of attached figure, but in fact, an incomplete family condition, or a poor economic conditions, causes some adolescents to stay in an orphanage, separated from their parents even from childhood. The purpose of this research is to understand in depth about attachment in late adolescence woman at Tunas Bangsa Orphanage Denpasar. This study uses qualitative research methods with phenomenology approach. Respondents this study were three late adolescents female at Tunas Bangsa Orphanage Denpasar. The results of this study indicate that two respondents are experiencing a secure attachment pattern, and one respondent is experiencing a dismissing attachment pattern. Secure attachment that obtained in this research are motivated by similar attachment patterns in the early life, having a positive perspective about self and others, and comfortable in having a relationship with others. Dismissing attachment are motivated by an avoidance attachment pattern in the early life, they have a positive perspective on self, but negative toward others, with the result that difficult to establish closeness with others.

Keyword : Attachment, Late adolescence female, Orphanage, Denpasar

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