Representative of Resilience Woman in Single Young Parents with Special Needs Children after Death of Spouse



By : Eko Budi Sutrismianto

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran

Department : PS. PSIKOLOGI

The ability to adapt to circumstances is something that individuals must have. This ability is referred as resilience, which is an ability to remain firm in managing thoughts and feelings in interpreting unpleasant conditions (Reivich and Shatte, 2002). This ability is important to have, including when the individual is faced with problems that occur in family. One of the problems that can be a source of stress for the individual is the death of a spouse. The death of a spouse is an event that can be the highest source of stress on the individual (Holmes and Rahe in Gunawan, 2002). The source of individual stress increases when the death of a spouse occurs in young adulthood which requires couples intimacy (Yudiantara, 2012) and the condition of the child who needs special assistance as a special needs child (Alimin, 2008). This is the basis of this researchers, to find out how the representative of resilience in early adult women who became single parents with children with special needs after the death of spouse. This research uses qualitative research method with case study research design. The study took one individual as a research respondent. Research respondents have characteristic identity woman of early adult age, experiencing event of death of spouse and have children with special needs. The results of this study indicate that the respondents have a picture of resilience in the form of emotional, cognitive and psychosocial.

Keyword : Resilience, single parent, death, children with special needs

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