Corelation Between Job Insecurity and Work Ethos at Outsourcing Employees in Bali



By : I Gede Ayana Wiria Partha Tuban

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran

Department : PS. PSIKOLOGI

One of the efforts to improve the efficiency and performance of the company is occupying outsourcing employees to reduce the number of permanent employees. The company use outsourcing employee to maximize the core works and are not burdened by the non-core works. The number of outsourcing companies from 2005 to 2013 is recorded as many as 42 companies in Badung District. The use of outsourcing employee caused the company is more focused on the core works, while non-core works are fully managed by outsourcing companies. Outsourcing work system is generally profitable for companies but unprofitable for outsourcing employees. This due to no clear career path and work future of outsourcing employees. There is no clear career path of outsourcing employee and the uncertain of work future make outsourcing employees potentially experiencing of job insecurity. Various influences by job insecurity caused the outsourcing employees feel despised by the company and feel unfair about the employment status as an outsourcing employee. This research is aimed to find out the corelation between job insecurity and work ethos of the outsourcing employees in Bali. This research is a quantitative research using cluster sampling. Respondents in this research is outsourcing employees who work in Badung regency. The number of respondents is 116 people. Scales in this research is Job Insecurity Scale dan Work Ethos Scale. The reliability coefficient of job insecurity scale is 0,928 and work ethos scale is 0,960. This research uses a pearson product moment corelation. The results of this research showed a coefficient corelation is -0,282 and the probability is 0,002 (0,002<0,05). As conclusion is, there is a negative corelation between job insecurity with work ethos. The coefficient determination (R2) is 0,079 which means is 7,9% of work ethos can be explained by job insecurity variable, and the rest of 92,1% can be explained by other factors.

Keyword : outsourcing employee, job insecurity, work ethos

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