Carok shift in meaning for the people of the island of Madura Sumenep district Sapudi 1970 - 2010




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Faculties : Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Department : S1 Sejarah

Culture Carok in Madura society is very interesting to study at least caused by several things, among others Carok tradition has a negative connotation and perspectives for the wider community. Carok phenomenon as one of the efforts to resolve disputes in conflict with the rules of positive law in Indonesia. The purpose of this study, among others, is to determine how the tradition Carok on Madura society, especially at the community Sapudi. In summary, the author can say that many consider Carok is cruel and contrary to the teachings of their own religion although Madura thick with Islam in general but, individually many of which still holds a tradition Carok. The word itself comes from the Carok Kawi language which means 'to fight with honor'. Typically, "Carok" was a last resort which is taken by the Madura community in resolving a problem. Carok usually happens when it comes to issues of honor / dignity for the people of Madura (largely due to the problem of infidelity and dignity / honor of the family). Carok as an institutionalization of violence, which historically have been done by some people Madura since a few centuries ago, besides having regard to these factors, it seems also can not be separated from political factors, namely the lack of authority of the State or the Government since before and after independence in control the sources of violence, as well as the inability to provide protection against wouldn society's sense of justice

Keyword : Carok, culture, sifting

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