By : I Gede Agus Febriawan


Faculties : Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Department : S1 Sejarah

ABSTRACT Early development of tourism in 1970 in Nusa Dua, is part of a government-term development programs in the New Order era. The transformation of society in the acquisition of land by the government, to encourage people to participate in the development of tourism sector. The economic prospects of the tourism industry, leading to the arrival of people who are not unstoppable in number to participate in finding a job in the tourism sector. Labor from outside has been set by the manager of the tourism industry, is also a factor of the population increase. Various kinds of development as a supporter of tourism facilities developed by the government in collaboration with foreign investors. The rise of the sale of land by the public to infestor, is unthinkable in the present impact that caused the land crisis. Given that the community as a community of Nusa Dua Bali with Hindu beliefs, needs land for religious life in religion. Changes in the structure caused by the lack of public land to meet Asta Kosala Kosali spatial which is the spatial conception of the people of Bali. Tourism development become an agent of change people's lives. Based on the above background, the formulation of the research problem as follows: 1) What are the factors that cause migration?, 2) What is the implication of migration on social change for people in Nusa Dua? This study uses a multidimensional approach, and the analysis of the factors clause, conditional, contextual, as well as the elements which constitute the components, and the exponent of the process. The theory used in this research include: theory of history and theory of social change. This research uses descriptive qualitative research as a research procedure to generative descriptive file, with file collection techniques include: observation, interviews and document study. The conclusion of this research is that there are three factors that cause migration and social change, which is made up of social, economic, and political factors. The implications of social change in Nusa Dua has two sides. The positive side is the development progress of changing patterns of life, education evenly (the development of science and technology), happen traditional village relationships with managers of the tourism industry to open up jobs for the community. Implications downside is, the population explosion unstoppable due to the arrival of the outside community to work, the crisis of land, erosion of local knowledge, prone to the occurrence of crime that threatens the security, social young people who are at risk in the use of drugs - illicit drugs, as well as the dependency of people's lives from tourism.

Keyword : Migration, Social Change and Tourism Industry.

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