Tutur Medang Kemulan: Structure and function analysis




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Faculties : Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Department : S1 Sastra Bali

Tutur Medang Kemulan: Structure and function analysis This research investigate about Tutur Medang Kemulan. Tutur Medang Kemulan laden with tutur knowledge, which was in its manuscript consist of many advices and important information for Balinese people. The objective of this research was to describe the structure and the function which exist in Tutur Medang Kemulan. The theory of this research was structural theory according to Teeuw, and function theory by Ratna and Damono. The method of this research was divide into 3 steps such as, in data preparing used literature study method, which supported by reading tecnique, translating and noted. In data analysis step, the method which was used is qualitative method which was supported by analytic descripive technique, and in data anaysis present step used informal method, which was supported by deductive and inductive technique. The result which was gain by this present study is the form structure consist by: kind of language and language style. Content structure consist by: main part, middle part, and last part. Besides that there are also had the function of Tutur Medang Kemulan such as, the function in education or knowledge level is the knowledge function about Sang Watugunung story, knowledge function about self-control, knowledge function about philosophy, and as a function of Balinese regulation social settings.

Keyword : tutur, structure, function

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