By : I Made Agus Atseriyawan Hadi Sutresna

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Faculties : Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Department : S1 Sastra Bali

ABSTRACT VARIATION OF PHONOLOGICAL AND LEXICAL OF BALINESE LANGUAGE WITH UNGASAN DIALECT AND STANDARD BALINESE LANGUAGE. This study aimed to analyze the system of phonemes of Balinese Language with Ungasan Dialect (BBDU), to know that there are variations between BBDU with the Standard Balinese Language (BBB), and to investigate the relationship status between BBDU with the BBB. The theory used in this research is the structural dialectology theory and the theory of traditional dialectology. The method used is divided into three stages, namely at the stage of providing data using listening and speaking methods, at the stage of data analysis using equivalent and dialectometry methods, at the stage of presentation of data analysis using informal and formal presentation methods. The results obtained in the BBDU phoneme system are namely vowel [?] never be realized on the closed final syllable on BBDU. Consonant phonemes / k / has two phonetic realizations which [k] and [?] on BBDU. The distribution of vowel phonemes, vowel phoneme / a / and / ? / does not have the final distribution on BBDU. BBDU phonological variation found among others (1) there were five variations in regular vowel found; (2) there were three variations of sporadic vocals found; (3) there were five variations of regular consonant found; (4) there were thirteen variations of sporadic consonant found; (5) there was one variation of regular syllable found; (6) there were five variations of sporadic syllables found. Phonological processes found in Balinese with Ungasan Dialect phonological variation include: (1) five assimilation; (2) three dissimilation; (3) four epenthesis; (4) two vowels overturn; (5) two vowels overturn and raise; (6) two consonants changes; (7) three syllables changes; (8) one addition of consonant; (9) two addition of syllables; (10) One vowel deletion; (11) two consonants removal; and (12) one syllable removal. Lexical variations that were found from 442 data (divided into 16 fields of meaning) are 30 items found belong to nine fields of meaning. Status of relations between BBDU with the BBB is as sub-dialect with a percentage of 40.95%.

Keyword : variation, phonological, lexical

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