Decision Support System for Determining BTS Location Of PT Smartfren By Using Fuzzy - AHP Method



By : Putu Roy Nurbhawa

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S2 Teknik Elektro

-The development of telecommunications technology is currently taking place very rapidly.Telecom operators competing to provide the best service to customers. One way to increase the range of services or coverage of the telecom operators is to increase or build new BTS.Smartfren as one of the telecom operators are developing today, very concerned about the range of services for its customers.In general, that determines the location of the BTS is the Project Team or Network Planning. To determine where to place the new BTS, there are several criteria and sub-criteria that must be considered.Since the Number of criteria and subcriteria that must be considered, then it sometimes makes project team had difficulty in determining a location or area to be built BTS.Even if the project team is less familiar with the area or lack of data, it can lead to new base stations are built in a less precise, less strategic or adjacent to existing base stations so that comprehensive services (coverage) is not optimal. From this consideration, an application decision-making system for determining the BTS location is created. The method used is Fuzzy AHP method. This research was conducted in three stages, the first stage is the preparation of data, the second stage is the creation of applications based on Visual Basic and SQL, and the third stage is the process of calculating the weighting of criteria and sub-criteria in order to obtain the highest score in each sub-criteria and district. So the application system will be set up some criteria and sub-criteria will be weighted or value based on actual data, and processed in order to obtain the order of ranking the best area for placement of base stations. The criteria and sub-criteria that can be used in this application is dynamic, meaning that users can add to or reduce the criteria and sub-criteria according to the needs. The results of these calculations can produce a sequence of name of the area with the highest value to the lowest of the few districts in accordance with the selected sub-criteria. So it helped the user in knowing the most appropriate area for the placement of new BTS. The results obtained from this application is not final, only to help provide the best position of the existing data. For the final decision is still on the project team or network planning.

Keyword : -Fuzzy-AHP, BTS, Criteria, Sub-criteria, Decision Support System

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