Tenun Traditional Cepuk As A Potential Means of Cultural Tourism Development At Nusa Penida



By : Firlie Lanovia Amir, SE

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Faculties : Fakultas Pariwisata

Department : S2 Kajian Pariwisata

Indonesia is a country which relies on its foreign exchange income from tourism. There are many reasons behind the touristsí visit to Indonesia, one of which is the culture. Diverse culture from various regions in Indonesia offers its own uniqueness, so it can be packed into a tourism attraction in the certain area. Bali, in addition to its famous natural attractions in the world, also has a distinctive culture that is able to be sold as a tourist attraction, starting from kain endek (woven fabric), sculptures, dances, to the beautiful paintings, all of which could be the main attraction that can only be found in Bali. The object of this research is Kain Tenun Cepuk as one of distinctive clothes of Tanglad village on the island of Nusa Penida. The uniqueness of this type of weaving clothes lies on its traditional manufacturing process, as well as its beautiful motifs and colors. Besides, the raw materials used are derived from nature like roots of certain trees. Thus the reasons that made Kain Tenun Tanglad to have a good potential to be developed as a means of cultural tourism. Based on this background, this study focused in Tanglad village Nusa Penida, to examine the potential of Kain Tenun Cepuk as a means of developing cultural tourism. In addition, this research want to see factors that support and hinder the development and also strategies and programs that can be done to develop Kain Tenun Cepuk as a means to develop cultural tourism. The data obtained will be analyzed descriptively by using SWOT matrix as the main analysis. From the analysis of the data obtained, it is found out that Kain Tenun Cepuk in Tanglad Village has some potential to be developed as a means of cultural tourism. Among them are from the beauty aspect of the fabric and the friendliness of its people that become its own attraction for tourists who visit the village. The strategies and programs that can be done as a tangible act in the field is divided into four sections, namely SO strategy that will focus on the development program of KainTenun Cepuk and the surrounding environment, ST strategy with development program of sustainable cultural tourism, WO strategy with a focus in developing promotion program, and the last is WT strategy with a focus on human resources development program. It is expected that the strategy and program can be conducted and evaluated by the local, provincial, and/or central government in developing the potential of the one very important cultural assets as part of cultural tourism and also to be able to contribute to the welfare of the community, especially the Tanglad Village, Nusa Penida.

Keyword : Potential, Kain Tenun, Cepuk, Tanglad, Cultural Tourism

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