By : Rahayu Dwi Jayanthi

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Faculties : Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Department : S2 Ilmu Linguistik

Abstract Communication is the most important thing in the society. It is used to interact among people in the world. It formed oral and written. One of an example of communication form is advertisement. Global era right now communication needed in industrial. In goods and service deal, the industrialist used advertisement media to promote their products. The advertisement used to give information about goods and service. This advertisement called the commercial ads. This thesis focused in the public service ads. The function of a public service ad is to give some information about certain issues that viral in society, one of them is the health issue. Programs that run now used a society service advertisement is the washing hands habit program. This program was made by the government and the social organization that specialized in health issue. It has a goal to educated people how important washing hands, because there are a lot of infected disease that spreading by hands. The problems of study that appear in this article are how the verbal and nonverbal forms in the health ad “washing hand”, what are the meaning and message of verbal and nonverbal form in the health ad “washing hand”?, and what ideology that occur in the health ad “washing hand”? The theories that used in the article are the semiotic theory and the discourse structure theory. The semiotic theory that known as the triangle of meaning from Pierce, while the discourse structure theory that used is the theory from van Dijk The closer that used in it is the qualitative closer, the data is qualitative, and the method and technique of collecting data that used in this study are observation and “simak” method with note as the technique. The method of analyzing data that used in this study is “agih” as the method and the technique that used is segmenting immediate constituents technique. This study is used qualitative closer which has a descriptive-interpretative comprehension. The result of analyzing data presented descriptively used the formal and informal methods. Through this study could be answered that in microstructure analysis the verbal and nonverbal forms has lexical aspect, grammatical aspect, and sentence types. Through this study could be answered that the meaning and message of verbal and nonverbal form in the health ad “washing hand” such as education, the threat of disease, living in clean, environment, safety, and family. Based on the meaning and message of verbal and nonverbal form can be concluded that there is one explicit ideology and four ideologies that implicit in the health ad “washing hand”. The explicit ideology is “clean habit, life become healthy. Washing hand using a soap program. The implicit ideologies are healthy generation ideology, government responsibility ideology, health comprehension ideology, and family ideology.

Keyword : Keyword: A health ad, television, verbal and nonverbal, meaning and message, a social semiotic, ideology

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