Concepting to make automatic puja trisandya mantras chanting device using atmega328 microcontroller



By : I Nengah Raka Utama

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

Puja Trisandya Mantram chanting, conducted three times a day on daily basis by Hindus in Bali. Usually it is chanted by electronic equipment, which is loudspeakers and operated manually. This activities often spend a lot of times which will make the chanting not right on time. With technological advances, these activities can be replaced using RTC timer, controlled by microcontroller. The design of this equipment consists of two parts, namely Hardware and Software Design. Hardware design consists of a microcontroller circuit design, Display circuit design, Mini MP3 Player circuit design, Keypad circuit design, audio circuit design, and Power Supply Design. This design will be made so that it can be tested in practice. The purpose of this study is to design and make automation tool for chanting Trisandya Puja Mantram applying microcontroller ATmega328 and RTC DS13024A. This tool works automatically by comparing the current time with Puja Trisandya chanting time, so that when a match occurs, the microcontroller will send commands to the Mini mp3player. To play the recorded Trisandya Puja Mantram file that has been stored. And the microcontroller will send command to the LCD to display text of Trisandya Puja Mantram in accordance to the played file. This tool is equipped with a 4x4 keypad which function as a button to set the clock. The result is an LCD (M16024) capable of displaying letters correspond to words MantramTrisandya Puja which is the output of the Mini mp3player in timely manner. The clock data can be changed by using 4x4 keypad, whereas the entire circuit is controlled by microcontroller ATmega328. This equipment has been able to play MantramTrisandya Puja in accordance with the actual time , at 06:00, 12:00, 18:00, or in accordance with desires chanting time.

Keyword : automation puja trisandya, microcontroller ATmega328, rtc ds1302.

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