Analisa Pemasangan Filter Hybrid Terhadap Beban-Beban Non Linier Pada Blue Point Bay Villa dan SPA



By : I Wayan Dedy Setiawan

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

The Blue Point Bay Villa & Spa is located in Jimbaran, Bali Uluwatu road, where the power installed capacity of 555 KVA. Non-linear load contained in the SDP resulted harmonic distortion impacting loss - loss of power. The content of harmonic currents in the electrical system at The Blue Point Bay Villa and Spa not meet the standards IEEE 519-1992 resulting in decreased power quality. This study analyzes the installation of the hybrid filter high-pass type in order to reduce harmonic distortion due to load - non-linear loads, as well as analyze and loss - of power losses in line with the simulation using software. ETAP Harmonic distortion simulation analysis performed before and after installation of the hybrid filter to get the value of THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) that meets the IEEE standard 519-1992. The results of the analysis of filter installation hybrid simulation-typehight-pass on the electrical system at The Blue Point Bay Villa & Spa, that thefilter hybrid can reduce harmonic distortion in the electrical system with the SDP1 THDi value of 6.42%, amounting to 6.41% SDP2 , SDP3 of 6.42%, SDP4 at 6:41%, and SDP5 at 6:42%. Then the value THDV results of running simulations on all SDP before the installation offilter a hybrid that is 8.80% and after the installation offilter the hybrid that is 0.13%. The simulation resultsfilter installation hybrid havecan meet the standard IEEE 519-1992 with THDi value of below 8% and THDV below 5%. The presence offilter installation the hybrid resulting in a loss - decreased power loss.

Keyword : non-linear Loads, Harmonics, THD, high-pass active filter

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