By : Pande Gede Wipradnyana

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

Weather forecast information is very important information that is needed by the people of Indonesia, especially in tourist areas on the Bali island. The facilities there are currently more favorable weather forecast information reaching into the community because almost the entire community has been using a mobile phone, simply install an application of weather forecasts based on android that the community has be able to enjoy the weather information from BMKG. It is therefore necessary to design an application of weather forecasts based on android allow people to get weather forecasts information more quickly and easily anywhere and anytime through their mobile phones. In the design of the application, the planning begins with the definition of the problem, collecting data related to the design and manufacture of the system, as well as the understanding of the processes that occur. Making software is divided into two, namely the application for administrators and applications to the user. All data are displayed in the user application is governed by admin via the web browser. Weather forecasting application design based on Android's Bali region by using the Java programming language with the Android SDK, Google Maps APIs, PHP, MySQL and CSS for its backend applications. Results from the design of this app is able to display the city's weather information and weather information tourist areas in Bali as well as information concerning the existing tourist destinations, of course the information is valid information directly from the source, ie from BMKG Region III.

Keyword : weather forecast, BMKG, tourist area

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