Penataan Kawasan Air Terjun Desa Sekumpul ,Kecamatan Sawan, Buleleng



By : Komang Gede Agus Satria

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Arsitektur

Sekumpul waterfall is one of the waterfalls located in the village of Sekumpul, Sub-District of Sawan Buleleng. Among other waterfalls located in Buleleng, waterfall of Sekumpul village is very different from other waterfalls which still remain very natural and also has seven waterfalls located on the cliffs of the hills of the village of Sekumpul. Waterfall of Sekumpul village was first introduced since 2012 by the village community of Sekumpul, and since then visited by the tourists since 2015, both by foreign and local tourists. To increase the tourist visits to this waterfall, it is necessary realignment and addition of supporting facilities in order to qualify the safety of visitors, including parking arrangement, for the moment,there is no parking facility managed by the tourism manager, and also no facility of resting places along the path to water, it also needs to be provided additional railing on the stairs, because it can be dangerous, and the addition of other support facilities like restaurant, playground, transport facilities to get to the point the waterfall because of point falls very far from the parking lot, public bathrooms and other supporting facilities. From this arrangement then it is necessary to maintain the naturalness of the existing site with the use of natural materials and a little cut of the existing contours.

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