By : I Kadek Wahyu Mahasiwa

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Sipil

Drainage system SPAM Mengwi PDAM Tirta Mangutama Kab. Badung currently working fully in the equitable distribution of water for 24 hours. In quality and quantity of services has been met, but the minimum pressure at peak hours of 7:00 pm in the village of Desa Mengwi and tumble show 3.6 bar and 2.8 bar, this pressure does not correspond to the high difference in the elevation of the reservoir to the downstream pipe Sayan village services Mengwi high as 78 m of water column (7.8 bar) and the Village tumble as high as 63 m of water column (6.3 bar) and. Judging from the distribution reservoir elevation Mengwi village and tumble village has the distinction high enough to provide water pressure in the pipe, but in fact the pressure in the area has decreased. To determine the cause of the pressure drop in the village of Desa Mengwi and tumble, get the ideal pressure of each of the segments that have been divided, and prevents loss of water if found indications of a leak in the pipe installation. The analytical methods used are running a system with EPANET 2.0 program. The output of this system shows that in the village of mengwi and Village overthrow pressures are high and the consequences occur estrangement pipes were great, it caused a leak in the pipeline and can shorten the life of the pipeline, it also caused the pressure drop in the pipe distribution of existing that in the field. From the results of running the program EPANET 2.0 analiysis the pressure difference occurs gained in the field with EPANET program and indicated the existence of leaks, see this can be deduced the need for installed BPT (Bak Press Release) at the N67 with a volume of 12.5 M3 so that the pressure on each -masing end of the segment and the segment D-G and H-I have found the ideal pressure, the static pressure (static pressure) at the end of the segment fell D-G from 7.2 bar to 4.3 bar and the downstream network segment G-H of 9.7 bar dropped to 4, 01 bar. Mengwi SPAM pipelines protected from high pressure and the age of the pipe becomes longer. DMA formation is also necessary to more easily detect leaks in every area that has been divided.

Keyword : EPANET 2.0, SPAM Mengwi, Ideal pressure, Bak Press Release.

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