By : I Komang Agus Risky Dedy Hermawan

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Sipil

The hospitalís facilities and health service tends arise trip generation so that is will have effect on traffic service level around of the hospital location. In this case will be need a study on transportation for street at Raya Sesetan Denpasar as resulted of trip generation from Prima Medika Hospital Denpasar, in order to overcome impact of that traffic. This study aims (1) to analyze performance of street at Raya Sesetan with and without existence of trip generation from Pirma Medika Hospital Denpasar, (2) to plan solution alternative that needed to improve performance of street at Raya Sesetan as resulted of activity from Prima Medika hospital Denpasar. Data needed at this study covering primary and secondary. Primary data needed as follows: street geometric data, traffice volume, speed and side obstacle. Secondary data as follows: map of Denpasar city, number of citizen of Denpasar city itís obtained from statistic centre institution (BPS). Analysis of street performance based on the manual of Indonesia Street Capacity (MKJI) in 1997. From the result of analysis hence it can be concluded that performance of street at Raya Sesetan at this time at segment of research with and without the effect of generation from Prima Medika hospital Denpasar as follows: at peak hour the capacity traffic volume at morning peak hour experience increase as much 2,99% and it experience decrease at evening peak hour at south as much 2,99%. At peak hour of traffic volume when the hospital operates for north and south segment of hospital obtained the service level was at peak hour at level E. When the hospital was not operated for north segment of hospital obtained its service level was at peak hour of morning, afternon and evening reside at level B. For south segment of hospital its service was at peak hour of morning reside at level C. While at peak hour of afternon and evening peak reside at level B. Speed of vehicle when the hospital was operated and was not operated also experience increase. Solution alternative that able implemented like to set traffic sign of donít park at research segment that have purpose to prohibitory the vehicle on street parking as long as research segment, so that it will be expected become better.

Keyword : Generation Movement, Performance Roads, Degree of Saturation

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