Setting And Environmental Protection Against Garbage Problems In Badung Regency




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Faculties : Fakultas Hukum

Department : S1 Ilmu Hukum

ABSTRACT Environmental pollution caused by garbage which has not been managed properly raises the problems of garbage in Badung Regency. This happens due to the lack of a sense of responsibility as well as the public's understanding in Badung which is still very low towards the benefits of cleanliness. Therefore the regulation of garbage management becomes very important to provide environmental protection towards of the garbage problem. The above mentioned condition serves as background of this research in frame of disclosing (1) How is environmental management and the impact of pollution from garbage problem in Badung Regency? and (2) What efforts are taken to overcome the impact of garbage problems in Badung Regency? The type of research used is an empirical legal research. The research approach consists of statute approach, analytical conceptual approach and fact approach. Types and sources of empirical legal research data form the primary data and secondary data. Primary data is data obtained in the field through interviews. Secondary data were obtained through library research in the form of legal materials consisting of primary legal materials, secondary and tertiary. The analysis technique used in this research is a qualitative descriptive analysis based on logical thinking on various data obtained in answering the research problems. The results showed that the environmental arrangement and pollution impact of garbage problem in Badung regency is regulated in Badung regulation No. 7 of 2013 on Waste Management. Although it is regulated in the local regulation, the fact that waste management has not run effectively until now is indicated by the suspicion of pollution by garbage such as the dirty on kuta beach area caused by local and foreign tourists for littering and in front of Pullman hotel more clearly in north kuta region there are still some garbage dumps that give off unpleasant odors and spoil the landscape. Legal efforts conducted by the government of Badung regency to overcome the problems in waste management such as through Gotik pogram as part of the quick service of waste management and collection, cash provision related to the purchase of recycled waste from garbage bank, SMS Hotline service and Pogram Gelatik, meanwhile Administrative sanctions and criminal provisions due to date have not been implemented. Further obstacles encountered in overcoming the impact of waste, among others, is the lack of public awareness caused by lack of knowledge of society in waste management, limited budget badung district in meeting the needs of waste management costs, and the limited infrastructure facilities on garbage management.

Keyword : Keywords: Garbage, Pollution, Management, Regulation.

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