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Faculties : Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis

Department : S1 Manajemen

A brand has a strong equity if the company gives value to the product, a strong brand is what will make consumers feel more secure to repeat purchases, and would recommend to others. Customers are loyal to certain brands tend to be tied to the brand and would buy the same product again though there are plenty of other alternatives. Repurchases shows customers loyal to the brand so that it does not want to move to the other brands although many preferred brand batteries. Important to know the elements of brand equity that affect the intention to repurchase ABC Alkaline battery products in Denpasar. This study aims to determine the effect of the partial elements of the brand equity of the intention to repurchase ABC Alkaline battery products in Denpasar as well as to determine which variables are the dominant influence of the elements of brand equity of the intention to repurchase ABC Alkaline battery products in Denpasar. Total sample determined as much as 105 consumers determined using purposive sampling method. This research has deployed as many as 105 copies of questionnaires, with a number of questionnaires returned by 100 eksamplar. Data collected by observation, interview, documentation and study questionnaires. Data were analyzed using confirmatory factor analysis, multiple linear regression analysis, the classical assumption test, F-test, t-test and standardized Beta coefficients. Based on the analysis found that: the elements of brand equity consisting of brand awareness, brand association, brand perceived quality and brand loyalty partially positive and significant effect on the intention to repurchase battery products ABC Alkaline in Denpasar and brand loyalty dominant influence on purchase intentions back ABC Alkaline battery products in Denpasar. Based on the conclusions, the suggestions that can be asked is: maintain and enhance the brand equity by increasing the range of product variants, form a better image of the brand product, multiply the wide selection of products based on its quality and maintaining the strength of brand loyalty through constant innovation and rapid response to a variety of market conditions.

Keyword : Brand Equity, Intent to Repurchase.

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