Analysis of production scale of labor, capital and raw materials to the production of bamboo wicker handicrafts in the village of tembuku sub districts tembuku bangli district



By : Linda Silvia

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Faculties : Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis

Department : S1 Ekonomi Pembangunan

The growth of economic sectors in Bali province is growing rapidly, one of which is growth in industrial sector of woven bamboo craftsmen in Tembuku Village, Tembuku Sub-district, Bangli Regency. The growth of the industrial sector is heavily influenced by the scale of the business or the scale of production of an enterprise entering the industry, and the greater the scale of the business or the scale of production will tend to show an improved level of efficiency. The purpose of the study (1) to know the influence of labor, capital, and raw materials, both simultaneously and partially to bamboo wicker industry in Tembuku Village, (2) to know the nature of bamboo wicker industry production in Tembuku Village. The research was conducted in Bangli Regency, researching bamboo weaving industry with a population of 56 business units spread in Banjar Adat namely Undisan, Bambang, Tembuku, Jehem, and Yangapi with multiple linear regression analysis technique. The entire population used was 56 taken randomly. Based on the analysis result, it can be concluded that labor, capital, and raw material have significant effect simultaneously to bamboo weaving industry in Tembuku village with Fcount (5,981)> Ftable (2,7). Labor, capital and raw materials have a positive and significant influence partially on bamboo weaving industry in Tembuku Village. The value of t arithmetic is greater than t table of labor (2,589)> (1,671). Capital (2.117)> (1.671), and raw materials (2.343)> (1.671). The economical scale of woven bamboo industry in Tembuku Village is in the condition of decreasing return of scale. The production of bamboo wicker industry in Tembuku Village is capital intensive.

Keyword : labor, capital, raw materials, industrial production

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