Responsive Web Based Design and Implementation of Management Information Systems of Law Office (A Case Study in the Law Office of Asa Law Firm)



By : Faizal A Saputra

Email :

Faculties : Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam

Department : S1 Ilmu Komputer

A lawyer's office manages everything related to the information management of the lawyers and their clients. Because of the considerable amount of data in the law office so it frequently occurred the problems in the management of data. Another problem is the ease and convenience of access to lawyers and their clients to obtain or maintain the necessary information with a variety of digital devices being used. Solution that can handle these problems is a responsive web-based information management system of law firm, so that lawyer and their clients get the ease and convenience of access, and ease of data management in the law office. This study used a case study at ASA LAW FIRM . Data collection method used was the methods of study documentation, observation and interviews. In developing the system, the study used the programming languages of PHP, HTML, JavaScript and MySQL. From the results of functional tests, the system can manage the data of the law firm well because all the system functions running validly. From the testing aspects of efficiency and reliability, users have easy access because it has an average time of loading a page at the speed of 3.15 Mbps at1507.22449 ms and the percentage of the system reliability for category of session and pages was 100 percents while the category of hits was 98.2703949 percents. On testing the portability aspect, the system can work well with a variety of web browsers on devices of different sizes so that it can be concluded that users get convenient access and performance of the system.

Keyword : Management Information Systems, Responsive Web

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