By : I Gusti Ngurah Indra Saputra

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknologi Informasi

Each of the activities that undertaken always relate to technology, but when the technology is utilized, many also the bad result that can be occurred by users. One of the activities that involve technology is doing a trade transaction thay known as e-commerce. E-commerce is an electronic mechanism that focuses on individual-based business transactions using the Internet as a medium of exchange of goods or services between two institutions (business to business) and directly into customers (business to consumer). E-commerce was simplify the transaction process between producers and consumers, but there is a risk or loss if we do transactions on e-commerce, which is a security issue. This study was done to overcome these problems by adopting RC6 encryption system for data security, Base64 system to encode data after being secured, and RSA encryption system to securing RC6 key that used to encrypting transaction data so that data can be transmitted over the network. The system that was developed is a e-commerce trading system that has been commonly used but equipped with additions RC6 security system which will secure all the data, Base64-based encoding to make the data can be transmitted, and RSA security system to securing RC6 key. Security systems in this e-commerce system secure data immediately after user (especially the buyers) clicking on the submit button, so that the data has been secured before the start of data sent to the server. The system is designed so that the data can be encrypted by the client and the data can be decrypted back on the server side, so that data flows in network traffic is always in safe conditions from unauthorized persons when delivered. This test uses 2 computers, one computer act as server and other computers acts as a client. Both computers are connected between one computer to another computer using a cross network cable. Web programming language that used for e-commerce security system is using PHP language for server side and JavaScript language with the help of the jQuery library for client side. Data transmission sniffing process is using Wireshark application that is sniffed from the client side.

Keyword : e-commerce, security system, electronic transmission, encryption, RC6, Base64, RSA

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