Implementasi GOOD Governance Dalam Penerbitan Izin Penyelenggaraan Reklame Di Kabupaten Badung



By : I Putu Martha Kresna Raditya

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Faculties : Fakultas Hukum

Department : S1 Ilmu Hukum

ABSTRACT Good governance is the basis of government implementation. Each of country parliaments have to implement the principles of good governance. As a barometer and a role model of Bali tourism, Badung regency get the attention from public. Particularly in implementing the advertisement which is used by the public as media campaigns or introductions to obtain the benefit. The Implementation of the concept good governance is by implementing the basis principles by Badung regency administration in handling and organizing the process of advertisement which can be a benchmark of good governance concept if it is implementable or not. However, the cooperation from any sectors in implementation also has an important role to realize it. The aim of this abstract is to investigate the implementation of the principle of good governance by Badung regency in the process of implementation of advertisement and also to investigate the legal consequences which unimplemented with the rule Badung regency. In this study, using empirical legal research by conducting research through field observation, using primary data that is data obtained directly from the public as the first source through field research, conducted through interviews and secondary data that the data derived from the research literature. Implementation of the concept of good governance by the Badung Regency government is to make the product legislation in force in the territory as well as support from the public and private sectors to the achievement of good governance that is Regional Regulation of Tax Advertising by Badung Number 18 Year 2011 and Regulation of Advertising Organizer by Badung Regency Number 80 Year 2014 along with support from community and private sector to reached the good governance. In terms of legal consequences is accepted by the organizers who violate the rules of implementation of advertising in the Badung Regency, then based on the Arc. 11 clause (1) Regional Regulation of Badung Regency Number 18 Year 2011 that statutory provisions advertising organizer will be liable to financial penalties or imprisonment and according to Act. 24 Clause (1) Regulation of Badung Regency Number 80 Year 2014 set revocation licence of advertising organizer as well as demolition of advertising belongs to the organizer by Civil Service Police Unit of Badung Regency as the authority of regulation acccording to Act. 32 Regulation of Badung Regency Number 80 Year 2014. Keywords: Good Governance, Government of Badung Regency, Management, Advertising.

Keyword : Keywords: Good Governance, Government of Badung Regency, Management, Advertising.

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