Hindu-Balinese Woman Self Adjustment Who Became Nyerod



By : Ni Made Dwi Mahardini

Email : dwimahardini@gmail.com

Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran

Department : PS. PSIKOLOGI

Bali is an island that has diverse ancestral cultural heritage, one of those heritages which is still being a phenomenon in the Hindu community in Bali nowdays is the system of caste, caste is a stratification of Indian society in ancient era, caste in India discriminating human dignity based on descent (Wiana & Santeri, 1993). Caste until now become a burden for Balinese women who has higher caste in choosing a husband, when women of higher caste or triwangsa married to a man of the lowest caste or sudrawangsa or in Balinese they called it a nyerod marriage, the burden and discrimination experienced will be vary (Karmini, 2013). This makes researcher interested to see how the Balinese Hindu women adjust them self to take on the role as a nyerod woman. Qualitative method of phenomenology was used in this study, the respondents were three Hindu-Balinese woman who underwent nyerod marriage with data collection technique using in-depth interviews. This study shows that in the making of the adjustment the Hindu-Balinese woman have five aspects, which is: self adjustment with do more communication toward husband, social adjustment toward nuclear family trying to understanding, be more patient toward husband family, forgive and do accepting their condition sincerely, and focusing on the children as well as feeling grateful and forgive so they can forget about discriminations.

Keyword : Caste, Nyerod, Self Adjustment, Balinese Woman

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