Attitude of Work Related Occupational Health and Safety in Wood Sculpture Craftsmen in the Region of Ubud I Community Health Center, Gianyar Bali



By : Putu Anggun Saraswati Mudita

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Bali is one of the tourism destination in Indonesia. Bali has various interesting culture and arts so that it can be famous around the world. Ubud is a village in Gianyar Bali that well known as producer of art and culture. 60% of the total workers in Ubud are wood-carving craftsmen. Therefore safety and health knowledge, especially wood sculpture craftsmen working attitude has a very important role to prevent accidents and occupational illness. It certainly affects the productivity of a company. This study was prepared in order to know the attitude of craftsmen working wood sculpture related occupational safety and health in the region of Ubud I Community Health Center. The method used is quantitative descriptive cross-sectional study aimed at 20 companies. The research objectives are craftsmen wood sculpture in the region of Ubud I Community Health Center by using 103 samples. This study uses data collection questionnaire filled directly by craftsmen and interviews. The study sample had a mean age of 35,40 years. Numbers of employees are in the range 26-35 years of age. Most of the respondents have a good level of education with 50.5% had completed high school. Risky job positions that most often found in this study is the position of head down or looking up (78.6%) and wrist movement sideways repeatedly (77.7%). Information on good working attitude-related occupational safety and health is needed by craftsmen wooden sculptures in the region of Ubud I Community Health Center

Keyword : Working attitudes, Safety, Health, Work, Wooden Sculpture

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