By : Ida Bagus Aditya Yudha Nanda

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The development of medical science of plastic surgery growing rapidly over time. Hand and finger are most visible part of the body. Fingers are mobile and have a stable sensation is essential to the overall function of the hand. Fingertip injuries is an injury that occurs on the fingertip. Fingertip injuries can occur due to athletic activities, work or accidents. Injuries that may occur at your fingertips include subungual hematoma, nail bed lacerations, fractures of the distal phalang, mallet finger, flexor digitorum profundus avulsion, and a fingertip amputation. Fingertip injuries can get regular treatment and sometimes necessary special care by the surgeon. The main goal of treatment of injuries of the fingertip is for functional and aesthetic results are better. Knowledge of the anatomy of the finger and a reconstructive technique is crucial for fingertip injuries.

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