Knowledge about SADARI in breast cancer (camammae) patient at Sanglah hospital



By : I Made Sidhu Satya Nugraha

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Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


One of the early inspection to determine breast cancer is sadari (periksa payudara sendiri). By doing sadari, patients will be able to know if there is a lump or something that is abnormal. Sadari can be done alone after shower by standing in front of the mirror. Research conducted in 2 hospitals in Denpasar to get a description of the patient's knowledge about breast cancer. Results in getting from 30 breast cancer samples were 4 patients (13.3%) breast cancer know about sadari. Then from 4 breast cancer patients know about sadari, 2 patients (50%) did sadari. The remaining sample of 26 patients (86.7%) did not know about sadari. They got information about sadari from family or friends who've had breast cancer. Patients who found abnormalities from the examination are usually not came to the hospital, but they didn’t care about it, so come in a bad state.

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