Middle Age Balinese Adults Who Practice Japa Are Less Anxious Toward Death Than Those Who Do Not



By : Putu Eka Prayastiti Kefani

Email : surpi.kefany@gmail.com

Faculties : Fakultas Kedokteran


Every person will face death, but not all of them can accept it. There are diverse level of death death anxiety in community and it is influenced by various factor, including perception of the death. High level of death anxiety may decreased the quality of life because it is associated with prolonged sadness and despair. Recently, many studies have strongly indicated the undeniable role of spiritual pratices in resolving issues related to death and anxiety. Japa is one of spiritual practice by repeatedly saying the name of God. In Hindu tradition, it is believed that japa can improve the quality of life. Practicing japa can lead a person into a certain consiousness which create calmness and peacefulness. This reaseach studies the diffirence of death anxiety level between middle age Baliness adult who Baliness adults. This research is comperative qualtitative research. Data is collected by by quisionere, measured by death anxiety scale, and analyzed by T-Test. The method of sampling is cluster sampling. The result of this research we conclude that due to the normality of data (Kolmogorov-Smirnov p=0.465; p>0.05) and the homogenity of the data (Levene test p=0.757; p>0.05), using parametric statistic independent sample T-Test, the p found =0.000 thus p

Keyword : japa,anxiety,death,spiritual,hindu,quality of life,balinese

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