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The development of science of plastic surgery from time to time in reconstructing the body increases the high expectations of the people in order to look better in terms of reconstruction and aesthetics. Flap is a unit that moved or transplanted tissue from the donor site to the recipient site with the system still retains its own blood flow. Latissimus dorsi flap is a good one flap used to cover the defect in the breast or chest wall with flap size around 20 - 35 cm or in combination with other flap in a subscapular system. The surgical technique must be done properly and systematically started from how to make a latissimus dorsi flap design, the position of the patient's surgery, removal techniques and put on a defect, postoperative treatment, to treatment of complications that often occur. Review articles can provide more information regarding the use of latissimus dorsi flap in order to obtain maximum results of reconstruction and aesthetics at a defect.

Keyword : Surgery, Flap, Latissimus Dorsi, Anatomy, Complications

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