By : I Nyoman Dika Sanjaya

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Sipil

Seminyak area is the center of tourism in Badung certainly never empty of visitors and tourists, thus increasing traffic flow gives rise to the problem of traffic in the region. This study aims to analyze the performance of existing roads, as well as analyzing the solutions that can be recommended to reduce barriers to traffic due to the side barriers on Jalan Raya Seminyak. Data used for the study included primary and secondary data. Primary data, inventory data geometric road, traffic volume data, the data side barriers, traveling speed data. Secondary data, the population of the Badung regency. Analysis of the performance of the road using the guidelines MKJI 1997 with alternate paths used is the reduction of side barriers and one-way road system. From the analysis of the performance of roads due to side constraints at peak hours have a value of 1839.26 road capacity, DS = 0.77, travel speed = 22.5 km / h, and the level of service at the level D. For the results of the analysis with barriers control solutions known side road capacity value = 2089.044, DS = 0.67, speed speed = 29 km / h, with the level of service at the level of C . When converted into a one-way street the road capacity value of 2213.24, DS = 0.36, travel speed = 35.8 km / h, and the level of service at the level B. Suggestions that can be considered to suppress the traffic friction, namely: on highway conditions Seminyak today need to install signs are prohibited from stopping, parking restrictions at certain hours (peak hours) at points prone to congestion, forbids ascending sent down passengers along Highway Seminyak, provision of pedestrian bridges and parking lots. Besides, as for the most optimal alternative that can be used to suppress the traffic density on Seminyak street is by changing the type of road becomes 2/1 UD or a one-way road system with a basis of analysis.

Keyword : Performance roads, Side friction, One-way traffic

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