Perkembangan Bentuk dan Fungsi Arca-arca Leluhur pada Tiga Pura di Desa Keramas Blahbatuh Gianyar



By : Made Reisa Anggarini

Email :

Faculties : Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Department : S1 Arkeologi

Perception and participation is important to know as the management control managers in formulating and deciding policy. The Purposes to be achieved in this research is to knowing the level of perception and participation of communities in the Sangiran Site on utilization of community-based Sangiran Museum site, then knowing the role and efforts of the government in the community-based program. It is based on the idea that the success of efforts on utilization the Sangiran Museum site does not only depend on the government, but the extent to which local communities are involved in these activities. The Data aggregation techniques in this research were used observation, interviews, questionnaires, and literature study. Besides that this research was used some theory and analysis and in explaining the problems of researchers, namely the theory of perception, participation and management, as well as used quantitative descriptive analysis. The results of the public perception research in an effort utilization Sangiran museum site community-based showed moderate to high category with a value of 57.9% - 70.3%, while the same perception of visitors showed high category that amounted to 73% and then in terms of public participation showed that the level of participation of communities showed low to moderate category with a value of 51.6% -61.6%. Role and undertakings of the government in this case as policy holder, then as activator and also acts as a facilitator have major stakes in the process of utilizing the Sangiran Museum site, community-based, that there is a close relationship between the perception of the public participation that has been done, it can be assumed that activeness in participating communities is largely determined by the perception of the community and the efforts made by the government in shaping public perception

Keyword : Keywords: perception, participation of the public, the Sangiran Museum's Site utilization in community based.

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