Energy Loss Analysis In the Low Voltage Network Connection with Replacement Type of Connector



By : I Gede Budhi Arsana

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Faculties : Fakultas Teknik

Department : S1 Teknik Elektro

Losses is a condition or state in which the amount of energy supplied is not equal to the energy received . Losses is one of the electrical network quality parameters . Based on SPLN 1, 1995 the maximum drop voltage is + 5 % and the minimum is -10 % of the nominal voltage . Losses Reduction Program is the way to reduce losses, this method is replace each Tap Connectors in low voltage network connection by Connector Type Press . With the replacement of Tap Connectors implemented in substation DS.105 it can be reduce losses as big as 62,184 Wh or 23,2448% from 272,8896 Wh before replacement Tap Connectors becomes 209,4569 Wh after replacements Tap Connectors .

Keyword : Low voltage networks , Losses, Tap Connector , Connector Pres .

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