By : Drs. I Gede Rudia Adiputra, M.Ag.

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Faculties : Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Department : S3 Kajian Budaya

ABSTRACT Dense and heterogeneous population (pawongan) of Desa Adat Kuta due to the high level of immigrants in search of livelihood in Kuta, can bring out the complexity of problems of life as a result of increasing competition in the business, strict use of time, the limited space, noise and congestion on the roads. It gives psychological pressure to krama (inhabitant), krama tamiu (inhabitant from outside) and tamiu (guest) in Desa Adat Kuta which can lead to decreased solidarity and social sensitivity, as well as an opportunity for persons who are not responsible to commit the crime. Reality is a challenge for Desa Adat Kuta to remain able to exist based on the concept of Tri Hita Karana. Such conditions attract scrutiny given by postcolonial theory, if there is a meeting of cultures, the culture imperior always hegemoniez by superiour culture so that occurs a great cultural changes such as the case of Hawai as well as cases of people Betawi in Jakarta. Supporters and sociocultural actors of Desa Adat Kuta, seemed fewer in number than tourist and guest in Kuta. The situation is very potential to diminish the cultural and religious traditions of Desa Adat Kuta. Preservation of a cultural and religious life in an area including the Village of Kuta does not happens automatically, and naturally, but through a business and the process of education. Similarly, the preservation of a culture not only impact the culture to survive, but can also bring ethnocentrism, localism and globalism. There is an assumption that Desa Adat Kuta able to counteract changes that lead to negative. Krama Desa Adat Kuta also able to selectively and adaptively receive the advancement of science, technology and foreign culture, so as to maintain the Hindu religion with religious traditions. In this work is discussed about factors causing Desa Adat Kuta perform retention of Hindu Dharma, shape of retention and the impact and significance due to the construction of retention of Hindu Dharma in Desa Adat Kuta. The theory used to dissect these issues include the Identity theory, the theory of deconstruction and semiotic theory. The approach used to analyze this problem is qualitative descriptive. The primary data source was the informant, who are familiar with the object, which is related to the Desa Adat Kuta activity. Secondary data sources in the form of a written source or timely and relevant documents such as research, books, scientific journals and relevant articles or magazines. Determination of informants done purposively. The data collection was done by using observation, interviews, document studies, and literature study. From the analysis it was found that the causes of Desa Adat Kuta doing preservation of religion consists of internal and external factors, as well as the shape retention of the Hindu religion by Desa Adat Kuta based on culture consists of the shape retention of internal namely the efforts made independently by the traditional village itself together with all manners and socio-religious organizations under the Desa Adat Kuta. Shape retention of external carried out by the government including the Ministry of Religious Affairs in cooperation with related institutions such as Parisada and Assembly Pakraman to implement guidance for Village People, and also occurs on the participation of the private sector such as competitions of Penjor and offerings gebogan implemented by peguyuban Territory hotels of Kuta, pengruatan sapu leger shadow puppet, Bayuh oton by Shiva Padma Bhuana Foundation and participation of Pembangunan Desa Kuta Foundation, etc. As for the impact on the preservation of religion by the Desa Adat Kuta be a positive impact include 6 aspects and negative impacts consists of four aspects. Retention of the meaning of religion by the Desa Adat Kuta manners may be mentioned include (1) The educational significance, (2) the meaning of harmony, and (3) the meaning of cultural preservation.

Keyword : retention, Hinduism, Desa Adat Kuta

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