Selection Result Announcement SNMPTN 2015

Announced to all new students Udayana University who follows the National Selection of State Universities (SNMPTN) in 2015 to see the graduation announcement and registration process by following these instructions:

  1. Announcement of selection results can be seen from 18:00 pm on pages:, by entering a Registration Number and Date of Birth of Participant Selection.
  2. If the participant passed the selection, then the participants must follow the registration instructions specified in Udayana University. Petujuk Registration can be seen with [DOWNLOAD HERE] >>> PDF Format
  3. To Flow Registration can also [DOWNLOADED HERE] >>> PDF Format
  4. For students who do not otherwise qualify for selection, still have the opportunity to participate in the selection SBMPTN 2015. Information and registration procedure can be found on pages

For further information please contact the University of Udayana in numbers (0361) 701954 ext 110, 108 on working hours.

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