Mechanical performance of multiscale basalt fiber epoxy laminates containing tourmaline micro nano particles



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In this study, the effect of different tourmaline (TM) micro/nano particle loading (i.e., 0.52 wt%) on the tensile and flexural properties of a basalt fiber-reinforced epoxy composite laminate (BFRP) was investigated. The TM/basalt/epoxy laminates were fabricated by impregnating woven basalt fibers into epoxy resin mixed with TM particles via vacuum assisted resin transfer molding. Tensile and flexural tests were performed according to ASTM standards. Fracture surfaces were characterized by scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive spectroscopy. The results showed significant improvement in both tensile and flexural strength and modulus when tourmaline particles where incorporated in the basalt/epoxy composite. The best result was obtained at 1 wt% TM loading with surfactant (i.e., C4) showing an increase of 16% in both tensile and flexural strength, and 27.4% and 153.3% increase in tensile and flexural modulus, respectively, compared to neat basalt/epoxy composite. The enhanced performance of TM/ basalt/epoxy laminates is attributed to a good dispersion of TM particles in the epoxy matrix providing increased surface area for strong interfacial interaction and good load transfer.

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ISSN : 1359-8368

Name of the journal publisher : Composites: Part B

Year released : 2014

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