From Left to the Right Side- Sang Ayu Isnu Maharani, S.S.,M.Hum., I Wayan Gayun Widharma, S.E., M.Si., dan Gusti Ayu Putu Paramitha Dewi

Towards the day of the celebration of Indonesian independence which falls on August 17, various activities with the theme of struggle and independence are held. Ranging from the competition to workshop. Remembering on August 17 as a milestone in the founding of a state, which celebrates all elements of the Indonesian nation; From communities in small villages to officers in government buildings. The variety of activities performed to celebrate does not change the essence of the red thread; Remember, interpret and of course so that later can practice the spirit of fighting and the meaning of independence that is defended by the heroes of the nation.

So how we can interpret the struggle and independence as citizens in a college?

According to Sang Ayu Isnu Maharani, S.S.,M.Hum., The struggle is a maximum effort was done continuously accompanied by prayer and clear purpose. "While independence for me is the freedom to express and explore in doing manner and ethical corridor," said lecturer of English Literature program study in FIB Unud. Furthermore, I Wayan Gayun Widharma, S.E., M.Si., Head of Law and Administration of Udayana University Rectorate, explained that independence is how Indonesia can be better and progressed since the reform era. "If in the campus environment, independence is where students can study with good facilities, affordable tuition, educated by professional and competent lecturers and supported by supporting good system (employee)," he added.

Another case of Gusti Ayu Putu Paramitha Dewi opinion, according to students of English Literature FIB Unud, the meaning of struggle is a sacrifice to achieve a goal. Pursuing ambition and ideals and the way we achieve all our dreams. While independence is where it is free to express opinions without fear and anxiety. "The significance of my last independence is that I am free to determine my own future without the distraction of others. " She said.

What kind of independence?

“Independence in the campus environment is how the employees can execute the task or work with a conducive atmosphere. With a conducive atmosphere will create a climate and a good work force that will make the whole service to be optimal. "Said Wayan Gayun. He also added that independence in the workplace is not how we become "free at will," but independence in providing the best service to customers namely lecturers, students, employees and other stakeholders.

Isnu Maharani opinion, the independence that needs to be achieved in the campus environment is the University's independence to be able to provide support for the self-development of each lecturer, employee or student in a fair and balanced way. While Paramitha, states that independence in the campus environment is independence to argue where she feels that sometimes some lecturers less to give lightness of being for students to express opinions.

Practice according to task and portion respectively

Wayan Gayun explained that as a rectorate officer, he practices the meaning of struggle and independence by trying to serve lecturers, students, employees and other stakeholders as well as possible in accordance with the portion or assignment in each section. "If we used to serve lecturers, students, and other employees, it does not seem to be an obligation, but now all the mindsets are being changed that the service is indeed our duty," he said.

For Paramitha, to apply the meaning of struggle and independence as a student in the campus environment started from she going to the campus. Long enough of time and long enough of a distance to get the educational bench and pursue ours dream. "I, a distance of approximately 20 km to get to the campus and take approximately 55 minutes" she added. How she can get a satisfactory value so as not to disappoint parents who have bothered to pay for college also become a very important aspect of the struggle for this student of 2014 generation.

Another thing with Isnu Maharani, the practice of struggle and independence in the campus environment in her position as a lecturer is to be a good role model for students and the environment. "Can also achieve academically or socially. For example, by writing a scientific paper or book that can be accepted by a wide audience, conduct research that can be recognized on a national scale to global. Reveal lecturers who are also often hosted in various activities.

Fight against obstacles

Related to the obstacles that must be faced in the practice of struggle and freedom in the world of work, Wayan Gayun explained that the toughest struggle is to change the mindset that the clerk or bureaucrat is a servant, not a king. "The Mindset that has existed since ancient times is not relevant anymore. How do we change the mindset so that we can provide good service, that's a difficult challenge and will certainly be assessed by outsiders "said Wayan Gayun. While among students, Paramitha explained that the main thing became the scourge among students was the sense of "lazy". The next thing is Sad Ripu that is within each individual itself. Both of these should be resisted by increasing self-control. The obstacle of "laziness" is also expressed by Isnu Maharani. According to her, lazy attitude tends to make people unproductive and less focus on the targets made so that the struggle in achieving the vision of individuals and institutions can be hampered.

Together to practice the meaning of struggle and independence for the progress of the institution

In welcoming the celebration of independence on August 17, 2017, all elements of Udayana University including lecturers, students, employees and all stakeholders, of course, hope that the spirit of struggle and the meaning of independence can be practiced in the campus environment. Wayan Gayun expects all academic community of Udayana University, lecturers, staffs, students can interpret this independence in their position and their respective duties. Lecturers become good educators, employees become good stewards of stakeholders and of course, the students can study well so that the university can go to a better level in the future. "Hope to make Udayana as World Class University must also be accompanied by adequate infrastructure and human resources preparedness so that hope can be realized. Accompanied by prayer, commitment, cooperation, hard work and smart work, we can achieve what we hope for. Om Swaha "closed by Isnu Maharani. (arisugama)