Rated As an A In Accreditaion, Unud Was Given The Most Beautiful Gift In The New Year

On the left: Mrs. Hapsari as the Sekretary of 2013AIPT and 2016 Secretarial Assistance of Department Accreditation in Unud. On the right: Mrs. I Gst Ayu Ketut Giantari the head of Management Department in Faculty of Economy and Business Unud

The spirit of New Year makes the whole society and institutions have new expectations and resolutions to be better than the previous year, especially for our beloved institution, Udayana University. After the struggles that have been passed in the last year, the university has now obtained outstanding results. Unud was announced as an A university in the accreditation making it was the most beautiful gift in this New Year. This achievement would not only be obtained with ease, cooperation and support by all parties have an important role.

From the experiences, UNUD should have been able to get an A AIPT as we have gained today. When reviewing the achievements obtained today, it is certainly can be said that all the work done with the maximum effort will certainly get the maximum results as well.

"The first AIPT was in 2010, we are from the TF lack of strategies in preparing the necessary documents, so it was okay when UNUD was rated as a B (313). The marked made us doing some improvements in human resources, infrastructures, fundings and many establishments are included in the BAN-PT assessment criteria. Unud participation in 2013 AIPT was also a result of a suggestion given by the head of BAN-PT who visited Unud to provide socialization about AIPT. It was on Agust, 28 2013 when he visited Udayana and offered the remaining 13 slots of 30 2013 AIPT target. The result was announced on November 6, 2013. Unud was rated as B and obtained 345 points. Then in early 2016 Ministry of Research and Technology of Higher Education was mapping the AIPT throughout Indonesia and suggesting the B universities to carry out the 2016 AIPT. Unud was one of 50 of approximately 3000 colleges mentioned. Then, Rector of Unud was immediately announcing a new policy to accelerate the AIPT which was supposed to be implemented 2017 to 2016. At first not all the community would accept this policy with positive thinking, but the main members of team TF founded since February 2016 who partly also a member of the team QS have been started working in the middle of this hectic situation to increase number of  B rated departments become A," said Mrs. Hapsari the Secretary 2013 AIPT and 2016 Secretarial Assistance of Department Accreditation in Unud.

Hapsari stated that it was not easy to do as well. Full support of the leaders to increase USDI performances with a very outstanding improvement was one factor for assessment, as well as infrastructure improvements of departments and libraries. The spirit of the entire academic community in Unud welcomed  the 2016 AIPT 2016 occurred at the peak of the site visit which was held on October 23-26 2016. The most beautiful gift was the release announcement by BAN-PT broadcasted on BAN-PT homepage on December 29, 2016.

Recognition of the A AIPT has a meaningful impact for the entire academic community, as for students, the A AIPT is a good entrance to apply a job. It is also a good entrance to Unud’s students to get LPDP scholarships and other scholarship from national and international institutions. In addition, it is now an opportunity for Unud to get into BHMN. The conclusion is that the A AIPT is like the opening gate for all community members and agencies to accelerate Unud realizing its vision of outstansing, self-reliance and civilized. Foremost, it is a pride for the entire community of that Unud is as prestigious as other top universities.

"Hopefully, this pride that we obtained could become a stepping stone to unite as one and makes Unud become an outstanding university towards WCU. Obtaining an A AIPT is also a burden that must be maintained and enhanced. We are the AIPT team has given a recommendation based on the rate AIPT done by BAN-PT to improve many things for the university that need to be improved followed up, "said Mrs. Hapsari

Another hope was also stated by Mrs. I Gst Ayu Ketut Giantari as Chairman of the Department of Management Unud. She said that the future Unud should be a World Class University, where especially the departments that have been accredited prepared to achieve international accreditation. The achievement was also inseparable from the support as well as a shared commitment to achieve it together. Another thing to be improved was books and journals provision in the library. (ayuniantari)