In 2016, Udayana University received 5400 new students. These new students implemented a series of event, including; PKKMB (introduction to campus life) and Student Day in university or faculty level. These events are held to introduce the university level study model as a transition from senior high school education level; they have to leave their characteristic while learning in senior high school. “While in college, students are certainly more active and communicative in asking their academic counselors about problems existing in lecture” said civil engineering lecture, Ir. I Nyoman Widana. As Udayana University students, they are expected to actively in making scientific paper; furthermore advance technology and references that can be accessed easily make students get the support of scientific fields that are being occupied.

"Being orderly and following coursework activities well is a positive value for the freshmen class of 2016 at the time of PKKMB 2016," said Ida Ayu Putu Meiyanthi, Head of Academic Bureau Udayana University Political and Social Science Faculty. New students should be able to improve the performance and follow lecture well in order to graduate on time.

"As for the expectations of the students against the new generation of students in 2016 so that new students could be more disciplined, follow all activities on campus to improve soft skills" said Dewa Gede Agung Rahardian Putra students of the Faculty of Science, majoring in computer science. Campus activities shape mental to be more resilient; because college is semi work, students are required to be more independent and find what is needed and not needed, no longer as high school students who always follow the rules. (narabhumi)