Two Lecturers From Tourism Department Udayana University Examined A Dissertation In France

Two tourism lecturers of post graduate program Udayana University were invited to examine a dissertation at the post graduate program of Tourism and Hospitality Department (ESTHUA) Universite d'Angers, France, Tuesday, September 9, 2015.

The lecturers are Prof. Komang Gede Bendesa, the Chairman of doctorate program at Tourism Studies department, and Prof. I Nyoman Darma Putra, the Chairman of the master’s degree program at Tourism Studies department. In addition, I Ketut Budarma, the one who was being examined, is a lecturer of Bali State Polytechnic.

The open test was led by Prof. Christian Pihet from Universite d'Angers. The other examiner was Prof. Christopher Gay, who is also from Universite de Nice, France. The attaché of Indonesian Education and Culture Embassy in France, Prof. Surya Rosa Putra, was also present at that time with his staff.

Sustainable Tourism

Budarma wrote a dissertation entitled "Sustainable Development, A globalized Value: The Case of Tourism in Bali". The dissertation supervisors were Prof. Phillipe Violier and Dr. Sylvine Pickel-Chevalier, lecturers at the Universite d'Angers who have done and written many researches about Indonesian tourism.

In his dissertation, Budarma discuss about sustainable tourism which is observed based on two paradigms. The first one is global paradigm or corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the second one is local paradigm, namely the Tri Hita Karana (THK). Budarma stated that these two paradigms provide a strong contribution in realizing the sustainable tourism development in Bali.

In that open examination which lasted for 2.5 hours, Budarma successfully graduated with cum laude.


Udayana University (Unud) and the University d'Angers have been cooperating in the academic field, including Double Degree program of Indonesia-France (DDIP) since five years ago.

Before taking doctoral program with Dikti scholarship, Budarma had finished his master’s degree program at Universite d'Angers with the same thesis supervisors in DDIP scheme. At that time, Budarma had been listed as a student of Tourism studies at master’s degree program Udayana University.

Many students, who are from the same department with Budarma, have finished their double degree program at Universite d'Angers. There are two Unud students at Universite d’Angers this year. In addition, there will be another student who will take double degree program in this university this October. "He had passed the selection of Dikti scholarship," said Darma Putra, the chairman of master’s degree program at Tourism studies department Unud.

Prof. Bendesa stated that the cooperation has been running well, proved by many post graduate students of Tourism studies Unud who have graduated their master's degree program in Universite d’Angers.

"This cooperation is equally beneficial to improve the process of each of the universities to be international institutions," he said.

In future, the cooperation between Unud with d'Angers and other universities abroad will improve continuously. "We have agreed to form an academic association with institutional based to increase the cooperation in tourism education and innovative research," said Darma Putra.

Asia-Pacific Seminar

After examining the dissertation, Prof Bendesa and Darma Putra attended an international seminar in Paris. KG Bendesa and Darma Putra were present in the 5th Asia Pacific Congress, which was held on 9-11 September.

On that occasion, Prof. Bendesa presented a paper "Tourism Development Policy in Indonesia", while Darma Putra presented a paper entitled "Movement Bali Not for Sale: Popular Reactions to Recent Developments in Bali's Tourism Industry".

They are in a panel together with Dr. Asep Parantika (Sahid University, Jakarta), Dr. I Ketut Budarma (Bali State Polytechnic), and Dr. Sylvine Pickel-Chevalier (Universite d'Angers), who presented the topic about tourism as well.

The seminar was attended by hundreds of participants. The participants were students and experts on Asia Pacific, discussed various topics about politics, tourism, heritage, history, commerce, identity, and modernity in Asia Pacific. (Satriani-NE).