Improving MBKM Data Quality at PD Dikti, Udayana University Holds Online Meetings for All Operators

The MBKM Activity Reporting Technical Socialization Meeting at PD Dikti took place online through the Cisco Webex application, Thursday (20/1/2022). The meeting was attended by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Head of BAKH, USDI, MBKM Coordinator, Academic and Statistical Section and operators of PDDIKTI and SIMAK Faculties and Study Programs and Postgraduates.

Head of BAKH IGN Indra Kecapa conveyed that there were three topics discussed and were technical matters, including the submission of data reconciliation results, technical explanations of the KRS process and input of student scores who took part in MBKM as well as technical explanations of the reporting process at PD Dikti by the USDI Team. We realize that data is very important because it is related to rankings and KPIs as well as audit reporting, so it is hoped that in the future the data will be more valid. While MBKM is a strategic program and must be in accordance with the direction of the Minister, as a unit it is obligatory to implement and make it a success. Many efforts have been made and a communication group has been formed so that data is better and more valid and reporting can be done on time.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Udayana University Prof. I Gede Rai Maya Temaja on this occasion conveyed this activity to observe the results of data reconciliation carried out. In accordance with the academic calendar, there must be a reporting of data reconciliation matrix at PD Dikti and must follow the schedule stated in the academic calendar. For this reason, operators need to be even faster, considering that from the MBKM program, we know that a lot of student data is out of sync, and cannot be facilitated to join MBKM, so data reconciliation is routinely carried out at PD Dikti. In the current semester there must be stages that must be carried out by operators. This is the concern of the leadership, namely MBKM considering the results of the last evaluation on the KPI have not been maximized and have not reached the target. Now academics go hand in hand with student affairs and continue to strive for an increase in student participation in the MBKM program. It has been proposed that regular KKN be agreed for MBKM conversion courses related to activities in the village. We also run 20 credits thematic KKN, which is an independent KKN and LPPM has prepared it. This is part of an effort to improve KPI achievements related to MBKM. In addition, for student data reporting related to MBKM, efforts continue to be made so that more people are registered to participate. What is being done to be recorded in PD Dikti, so let's look at the technical explanation from the USDI Team together.

While the Vice Rector for Student Affairs Prof. Ngakan Putu Gede Suardana said that we must synergize together, we also have to see where the problem is, whether it's students, operators or others. Everything must be synchronized and synergized, students only as users and give encouragement. Previously there were problems faced by PD Dikti. In the IKU league, PD Dikti plays an important role as does Sister Dikti, Simkatmawa. You can see the guidebooks related to KPI so that we can be ready together. USDI to pay close attention as the data is taken online. To advance Unud also requires the synergy of all units.

In the presentation delivered by the USDI Team, it was explained regarding the technical explanation of the registration process for academic activities of MBKM participating students at SIMAK-NG, technical explanations for reporting the activities of MBKM participants to PD Dikti through the Udayana Feeder and evaluation of the student data reconciliation process. In addition, it also explains issues that require technical skills for Study Program operators at SIMAK-NG and issues that need attention in the technical reconciliation process.