Prof.Dr. Ir. I Ketut Suada., MP. is a lecturer who first started planting plants with the Plant Factory system in the experimental garden of the Faculty of Agriculture in Pegok. The plants cultivated were lettuce plants using various types of lights such as yellow, white, blue and red lights. Prof. Ketut Suada in this study wanted to know the different effects of the various types of lamps used so that the effect of the light rays was obtained which was the best. Environmental conditions have been arranged in such a way according to the optimal temperature for the growth of lettuce plants. The hope is that when the plant factory plant is successfully planted at KPFP, in the future we will not be affected by changes in the season/rainy season. Lettuce plants which usually can only be planted during the dry season because they require the intensity of sunlight and cold temperatures with this plant factory system are something new and can be applied anywhere because the temperature and light intensity can all be regulated.

Plant Factory is a modern agricultural innovation as a solution to the problem of environmental instability. Plant cultivation with the Plant factory concept has been applied at the Faculty of Agriculture with the advantage of using various types of lamps with various colors that have been designed according to plant needs. With the application of Plant factory technology, users can control cultivated plants such as pH, nutrition, temperature and humidity. The system used has been set up automatically via a smartphone device, making it easier to monitor plants remotely. The vegetables produced are clean and free from chemicals such as pesticides and free from pests and plant diseases.